IL considers a range of required disclosures

Where do rights of privacy end and interest in disclosure begin when it comes to online information and behavior?
Written by Richard Koman, Contributor

The battle between privacy and free speech is busily being waged in the Illinois legislature, as lawmakers have introduced a variety of proposals to curtail those who abuse the Internet, reports the Daily Herald. Pending measures include:

  • Parents having online access to their teenager's driving convictions.
  • Voters could cast ballots via the Internet instead of at the polls.
  • Online dating companies would have to run background checks on potential mates.
  • Library computer programs would block child pornography and other "obscene" material.
  • Schools would provide refreshers on Internet safety, illegal downloading, plagiarism and other online issues for students and teachers.
  • Gang members would face felony charges for Web recruiting.
  • Convicted sex offenders would have to report their e-mail addresses, instant message and chat room accounts to law enforcement.
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