Images leak of HP TouchPad Go and unannounced 7-inch Motorola tablet

Shots of unreleased devices from Motorola, HP, and even Apple are making the rounds on Monday.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor

TouchPad Go

This morning, ThisIsMyNext released photos of the HP TouchPad Go, a 7-inch tablet that was weeks away from birth before HP scrapped the project along with the rest of its webOS hardware ambitions. The images, which came via a Chinese forum, depict the tablet in its blurry, bizarre, 4:3 aspect ratio glory. Leaked details of the unreleased tablet match up exactly to a variety of previous reports, including an FCC entry that appeared in August. It's just too bad that the TouchPad Go will never actually see the light of day.

Motorola's 7-inch tablet

The hits just kept coming for ThisIsMyNext, which also published a photo of an unannounced  7-inch tablet from Motorola. Of a predictably awful quality, the photo displays a blade-thin device running Android and featuring what appears to be micro-USB and micro-HDMI ports. Considering that Motorola has only hinted at the existence of such a tablet, we're still not quite sure what to make of this leak just yet.


More iPhone 5 components shots

The Internet was also gifted on Monday with even more images of the innards of the iPhone 5.  Or the iPhone 4S. The images show off some of the iPhone 5's major components, including its A5 chip and, apparently, the device's battery capacity. Exciting stuff, no?

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