In London, Nike designs the retail store of the future

Nike's newest showcase store features digital technology designed to inspire and motivate the athlete in each person.
Written by Sun Kim, Contributor

Nike's newest showcase store in London promises to be the retail experience of the future. Called the Nike FuelStation, the store takes up four of the 60 shipping containers that make up London's Boxpark mall, billed as the world's first pop-up mall.

More than the merchandise on the shelves, the space itself focuses on the movement of its customers. By successfully blending digital technology into a physical retail space, the Nike FuelStation reflects the brand's mission to "bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world."

The first of its kind store features motion-sensing LED walls that react to customers walking past by changing color from red to green, and a Kinect based installation that creates life-sized, digitized versions of customers. The LCD wall reacts to movement and creates a unique piece of digital art which can be shared via social media.

Developed by Nike’s Netherlands-based team, the store also contains:

  • Augmented reality tools that feature interactive, animated product information
  • ‘Digital mannequins’, motion sensitive intelligent mirrors that reveal film footage of local runners wearing key Nike products
  • iPads embedded in the store walls to provide product and event information, as well as access to Nikestore.com for online purchases
  • A digitized treadmill that helps match shoes to running style

The Nike FuelStation will be one of the first to carry the Nike+ FuelBand, the latest product in the company's digitally connected Nike+ line.

Watch Dezeen's video tour narrated by Nike‘s global creative director Andy Walker below:
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