IN tests GPS tech for 24/7 monitoring

Latest GPS technology can track parolees' whereabouts wherever they go - and even warns parolees when they're entering 'exclusion zone.'
Written by Richard Koman, Contributor

Indiana officials are testing out a new GPS system in Allen County to monitor sex offenders and violent offenders on parole, The Indianapolis Star reports.

The Allen County trial is a prelude to statewide use of the devices for all sexual and violent parolees. Last year, lawmakers mandated that all violent and sex offenders released from state prison on parole be constantly monitored.

Older GPS technology could only detect when a person left or entered his or her home. The latest technology can track an offender's every move and can alert the offender if he or she enters an "exclusion zone," typically parks and schools were sex offenders are barred.

"For years people like this have been in the community," Pflueger said. "Technology has not allowed us to monitor them at this level of intensity."
The state will pay a Colorado company to lease its software and monitoring equipment that goes with the offender. The pilot program is being paid for by the state Department of Correction.
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