India goes to Copenhagen

India wants wealthy nations to pay for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

As the world's fourth largest producer of CO2 emissions, India is crucial to any possible agreement in Copenhagen next month. Here's a look at how that nation's leaders see the international emissions debate.

India has positioned itself as spokesnation for many underdeveloped nations: the rich guys should pay first and pay most. Don't hold back India because you've been driving cars and burning tons of coal for decades. We in India have a right to our share of the economic pie.

This argument will be parroted in the U.S.Congress by those working to stop any energy and emission regulation law. See, they can say, if we clamp down on our pollutilon it will just give India another economic advantage in competing with our corporations and leach out even more U.S. jobs. Once the media have forgotten about the medical insurance issue, jobs and the lack of jobs in the U.S. will become the national obsession. So job-related arguments will be paramount for most of 2010, an election year as well.

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