India rolls out embedded Linux based JNT devices

HCL Infosystems has integrated an embedded Linux operating system environment JNT (Java Network Technology) and JNT Builder Kit for thin clients...
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HCL Infosystems has integrated an embedded Linux operating system environment JNT (Java Network Technology) and JNT Builder Kit for thin clients, kiosk systems and set-top boxes

Augsburg, Germany/Tamil Nadu, India, 20 July 2000 - India-based IT company, HCL Infosystems' Peripherals wing, has announced its intentions to immediately equip thin clients, kiosk systems, and set-top boxes with the embedded Linux kernel-based Java Network Technology (JNT) operating system environment by Infomatec IAS.

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Infomatec IAS is a subsidiary of Germany-based Infomatec, which provides Internet solutions and software for various industries.

All devices will use the Geode processor family from National Semiconductor.

HCL has already ordered a minimum of 5,000 JNT licenses from Infomatec as part of its initial stage.

HCL is aiming at using the the JNT Builder Kit to tailor the base platform to suit a variety of terminal devices and expansion stages. The integrated development environment software, says the company, will enable rapid response to the demands of both the marketplace as well as the requirements of its OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

The company's decision to choose Informatec was based on the fact that JNT is based on Linux, which HCL considered to be flexible, especially with regard to third-party products, coupled with the high level of available support for Linux and the easy-integration of Linux-based devices in heterogeneous server environments.

HCL is also diversifying into the ISP business and planning to add Internet Access Devices (IAS), said S. Pattabiraman, vice-president of HCL.

The company is also planning to offer other JNT-based Internet devices withint the context of government sponsored projects.

HCL intends to market JNT-based thin clients in August in the first stage rollout.

About Infomatec AG
Infomatec is a supplier of high-endInternet solutions for business, finance, industry, the media and telecom companies. The group is represented in 22 countries and has a staff of about 750. The group consists of the following divisions: Global Information Systems (GIS), Application Service Providing (ASP), and Internet Appliance Systems (IAS). The company develops and markets basic software technologies for operating large websites, as well as Java Network Technology (JNT), the basic platform for Internet terminals.

With some 95 employees, Infomatec IAS develops and markets JNT for business and consumer information appliances, with Asia headquarters in Hong Kong. The operating system environment is an embedded Linux system: highly compressible and deployable on flash memory.

About HCL Peripherals
HCL Peripherals is a manufacturer of keyboards, color SVGA monitors, Unix character-based terminals, networking products such as Ethernet hubs, switches, remote access servers, terminal servers, passive networking components, server racks, PC cabinets and server cabinets and more recently, thin clients.

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