India's TechM hooks up with IBM for a hybrid cloud platform

A union with IBM will help TechM keep pace with biggies such as TCS and Infosys in a race to offer the world advanced cloud solutions.
Written by Rajiv Rao, Contributing Writer
TechM, India's fifth-largest software services company under the Mahindra conglomerate's brand, which is looking to be referred to in the same breath as the elite trio of TCS, Wipro, and Infosys, announced a partnership a few days ago with IBM to create a platform on which its developers can build web-based apps for clients. The platform will leverage IBM's Bluemix dedicated cloud infrastructure.

Even though they may have a major interest in migrating to the cloud, not all companies are rushing to embrace cloud-based solutions. They still fret about things like security, performance, and control over proprietary data. The TechM-IBM solution aims to ease those pain points by offering a hybrid service allowing for enhanced flexibility and control of data, with clients essentially being allowed to design and choose their own cloud strategy.

This will necessitate TechM training 5,000 of its own developers in how to operate in that increasingly popular, burgeoning, and vital sphere in the IT world -- such as connecting banking and accounting systems, as Mint reported, with mobile and social apps using predictive analytics and data linked to the Internet of Things (IoT).

If all goes well, there could be tremendous advantages to this partnership for TechM. For one thing, Bluemix dedicated operates on IBM's cloud, which spreads over 40 regions worldwide, thus expanding its geographic wingspan. It also forces TechM to create a cadre that will be skilled in hot new and diverse range services that corporates are increasingly clamouring for. This allows TechM to leverage IBM's Watson artificial intelligence system, Mint reported, as well as open-source and third-party tools.

Just a few months ago, TechM acquired Lightbridge, one of the world's biggest telecommunications network engineering services providers based in McLean, Virginia, revealing its considerable ambitions for the years ahead. This pact with IBM will further cement its place in the top echelons of Indian IT services.

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