Industry cloud survey: Conquering the final frontier in cloud computing

Cloud computing is far past the buzzword status, but the industry cloud is still a virtually untouched region in both the tech and business worlds. Take this survey and share what your organization is doing in the cloud.
Written by Teena Maddox, Contributor

Industry cloud is the next frontier in cloud computing as it is one of the untapped regions of the tech and business world.

ZDNet's premium content sister site, Tech Pro Research, is conducting a survey on the industry cloud to find out who is using it, and in which industries.

Take this brief industry cloud survey and you can request a free copy of the resulting research report.

What it is

Cloud computing itself has evolved beyond buzzword status, and at this point most companies have embraced the cloud in some way, whether through private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud. But the newest untapped region of the tech and business world is industry cloud.

Industry cloud is a vertical cloud that provides tools, technologies, and business services uniquely tailored to a specific industry, such as healthcare, education or finance. Industry cloud services are generally managed and provided by experts who understand the targeted industry, and the products and services offered are geared to meet the unique needs of that industry. Think of it as a more turnkey way of embracing or migrating to the cloud.

Take Tech Pro Research's survey to help us learn more about the industry cloud. Tell us if industry cloud is the next frontier for your organization.

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