Infineta adds speed and intelligence to networks

Infineta Data Mobility Switch offers clever optimization techniques and can both increase network performance and reduce overall costs and complexity
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Large data centers are finding managing the environment to accommodate an ever-increasing demand for network bandwidth very difficult. Network routing and virtualization equipment often don't offer enough speed to be effective. So, the usual approach is to install racks of these little guys and spread the network traffic over several lines. Add redundant systems to provider higher levels of reliability and availability and things start to get really complex. Infineta recently launched its Data Mobility Switch (DMS) that is designed to address the need to increase network bandwidth while reducing overall complexity and cost.

Here's what Infineta has to say about its Data Mobility Switch

Infineta DMS combines fine-grained QoS (quality of service) controls, advanced network layer acceleration technologies and the Velocity Dedupe Engine™ (VDE) – the first-ever, hardware-based data deduplication (“dedupe”) system core – to deliver maximum throughput for high capacity WANs. With the DMS, for example, customers can easily turn a 1Gbps WAN into a virtual 5Gbps link. Because the DMS can be configured to guarantee minimum data rates for individual classes of service, customers can carve out “protected circuits” for their bandwidth intensive, latency sensitive applications over their existing WAN links. Similarly, an OC12 (622Mbps) circuit can be turned into a 3Gbps link, and an OC48 (2.54Gbps) circuit into a 10Gbps link

The end result for customers is increased network throughput and guaranteed bandwidth availability. Enormous traffic growth can be supported without requiring any WAN upgrades, leading to significant savings in both CAPEX (WAN equipment upgrades) and OPEX (incremental bandwidth costs). Not only is the DMS able to significantly improve the performance of all high-speed traffic traversing Hyper-scale WANs, it is also a financially sound investment, with typical return on investment in a sub-year timeframe.

Snapshot analysis

DMS is an intelligent, very high speed, switch that offers some clever optimization and virtualization features. This device is not for the faint of heart of those worried about the $80,000 price tag of the entry level unit.

I was impressed with the thought behind the device. As Infineta says "The company’s patent-pending Velocity Dedupe Engine delivers unprecedented levels of throughput, scalability and bandwidth capacity to support critical machine-scale workflows across the data center interconnect.  Its flagship product, the Infineta Data Mobility Switch, accelerates multi-gigabit BCDR (business continuity/disaster recovery), cross-site virtualization, and Big Data traffic."

If your company is facing the need to push today's limits on network bandwidth while also holding the line on overall costs, Infineta might have a solution for you.

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