Infographic: Where solar and wind power work best

Where are the best places in the world to place solar panels and wind turbines for maximum efficiency? A new infographic has the answer.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

The wind and solar power industries are growing rapidly, but where exactly are we supposed to put all these solar panels and wind turbines?

Seattle, Wash.-based renewable energy information firm 3TIER has an idea. (Quelle surprise!)

The company has released a few maps assessing the best spots around the world to catch the sun's rays and find wind that's strong enough to power turbines.

At right, the company solar map for the western hemisphere and wind map for the entire globe.

According to the company's analysis, knowing is half the battle when it comes to battling climactic fluctuations such as El Niño.

3TIER founder and CEO Kenneth Westrick explains:

It is fair to say that only a few areas known for their concentrated wind resources outperformed their average yearly wind speeds. The good news is that we have the scientific expertise and technology to account for these long-term fluctuations, and incorporate them into a project’s financials and forecast their occurrence with a considerable degree of certainty.

Naturally, the maps are a first step toward implementing alternative energy with intelligence. (Now on to the geographic, political and environmental hurdles that await.)

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