Innovative pizza vending machine really delivers

Customers can now order a fresh baked pizza any time of the day.

I don´t know whether I should file this under the category of "The worsening global obesity problem," "Robots stealing jobs" or "Why didn´t I think of this sooner?" So I´ll let you decide.

This promotional video by A1 Concepts introduces audiences to Let´s Pizza, the world´s first vending machine that dispenses pizza. And we´re not talking the frozen or de-thawed variety, but an actual piping hot, made-from-scratch oven baked pie.

No Joke. You can even see the entire pizza-making process as the dough is mixed, kneaded, rolled, topped with tomato sauce, cheese and toppings. After a baking period of less than three minutes, it´s delivered in a standard cardboard take-out box, ready to eat. There isn´t any dough-tossing, unfortunately.

For $5.95, customers can get a 10-inch made-to-order pizza with a selection of over 200 toppings, ranging from vegan to Kosher options. The machine even accepts both credit cards and cash.

Invented by Italian entrepreneur Claudio Torghel, the pizzeria-in-a-box is apparently already being used in Italy where it´s gotten quite popular with the masses, so expect to see them in places such as malls, airports, hotels, supermarkets, colleges and gas stations.

"Let's Pizza is a huge success in Europe and especially in Italy. That was proof for us that we have a very good pizza," A1 Concepts Chief Executive Ronald Rammer told Pizza Marketplace.

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