Instagram begins rolling out two-factor authentication

It's about time. Instagram has confirmed it's begun to roll out two-factor authentication to users. Facebook, the parent company of the photo social network, has had the feature for sometime.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

Facebook-owned Instagram is rolling out two-factor authentication, the company confirmed to ZDNet, as the 400 million users' accounts have become more attractive for hackers to steal.

The two-factor authentication is in testing, and Instagram will gradually roll it out to its mobile apps.

Instagram says the two-factor authentication tool allows you to verify a phone number, and then if anyone tries to login with your email and password, you'll be texted an authentication code that must also be entered to gain access to your account.

TechCrunch first broke the news.

Several companies offer similar two-factor authentication, including Google, Microsoft Azure, Facebook, Snapchat, and many others. It's become the industry normal, as it prevents hackers from using just an email and password to login, which could be obtained from a phishing scam.

The two-factor authentication feature comes after Instagram released multiple account switching earlier this month.

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