Instagram passes 50 million users

Instagram has surpassed 50 million users just weeks after passing the 30 million and 40 million marks. Put another way, Facebook will soon own a service that is growing adding 5 million users weekly.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

Less than a month after Facebook announced it is acquiring Instagram, the app has passed the 50 million user mark. While Instagram hasn't made any official announcement regarding the milestone, the number was spotted via Instagram's application programming interface (API).

The API also showed Instagram is currently adding roughly 5 million new users every week. That growth can be attributed to two big catalysts.

Firstly, Instagram is no longer just an iPhone app: the recently released Android app is proving to be very popular. Secondly, the Facebook effect is causing millions of users to go ahead and try Instagram, which recently pushed it the top iPhone app spot for a few days. Since Instagram is social, both of these are pushing even more users to try it.

Someone who signed up as "Fox289" is Instagram user number 50 million. According to Gramfeed, he or she has uploaded one photo and has six followers.

Instagram was initially released on October 6, 2010. In December 2010, Instagram had 1 million registered users. In June 2011, Instagram announced it had 5 million users, and it passed 10 million in September 2011. Instagram started 2012 with some 15 million users. Last month, it passed 30 million users, and then 40 million users, and now 50 million users. This growth rate, while astonishing, can't go on forever.

Since Facebook is going public, it will soon have to start disclosing Instagram's numbers. I will be particularly interested in what percentage of Instagram accounts are false or duplicate. Something tells me the number won't be as high as the percentage on Facebook: 5 to 6 percent, or some 50 million users.

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