Intel Capital invests $40M in 10 companies

Intel's investment arm to fund innovative technology firms, including five from Asia, which support its goal of driving utilization of microprocessors.
Written by Ellyne Phneah, Contributor

Intel Capital, Intel's investment and M&A (mergers and acquisitions) arm announced US$40 million worth of investments in technology companies worldwide, including five from Asia. 

The investment is meant to help these companies grow to the next level, according to a press statement by the company on Tuesday. The announcement, made at Intel Capital Global Summit, cover a range of technologies from collaborating in the cloud, delivering digital entertainment, simplifying mobile payments and enabling new device interaction. 

Asian companies include India-based Hungama.com, a digital entertainment company, LIFO Interactive, a South Korean social game developer, China-based Transmenion television-focused gaming service providers, and UUCun, a Chinese mobile Internet ad platform connecting phone makers, app developers and advertisers. 

FocalTech, a Taiwan-based integrated circuit design house specializing in touch panel controllers is also included but subject to closing conditions of the investment. 

Intel Capital has a goal--to increase the utilization of microprocessors by clients and servers, Arvind Sodhani, president of Intel Captal and Intel executive vice president said in a webcast, according to The Register news site. The ten companies chosen, had supported Intel Capital's goal, he said. 

Sodhani added Intel Capital can be a "very patient" investor, and not swayed by the need to make high profits in a short time. Since the group is not focused on the long-term, they are "not in a rush to get in, get out" which was often the case when a company has the pressure of a fund, especially if the fund is "is at the tail end of its fund" and there is a lot of pressure on fund managers to get an exit. 



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