Intel has invested more than $1 billion in AI companies

​Intel CEO Brian Krzanich ​penned an op-ed Monday that touts the company's AI investments.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said in an op-ed Monday that the company has invested more than $1 billion in business that are advancing the field of artificial intelligence.

The investments have come through the Intel Capital investment fund and include financing for a number of AI startups, including Data Robot, Mighty AI, and Lumiata.

Intel sees huge potential in AI and has been repositioning via acquisitions and corporate restructuring to focus on the technology. In terms of acquisitions, the tech giant has scooped up Altera, Nervana Systems, and Movidius, to name a few.

Internally, Intel has established a dedicated AI group led by Naveen Rao, former CEO of Nervana, as well as an AI lab for advanced research and development.

Here's more from Krzanich:

Intel is making strategic investments spanning technology, R&D and partnerships with business, government, academia and community groups. We are deeply committed to unlocking the promise of AI: conducting research on neuromorphic computing, exploring new architectures and learning paradigms.

I believe Intel will be the AI platform of choice, offering unmatched reliability, performance, security and integration. We are 100 percent committed to creating the roadmap of optimized products to support emerging mainstream AI workloads.

Intel has also invested heavily in the automotive space, including its $16 billion buyout of Mobileye back in March. That deal closed last month and Intel is already working on a fleet of level 4 autonomous vehicles using Mobileye's computer vision, sensor fusion, mapping, machine learning, and AI technology.


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