Intel, PGP cooperate on selling encryption products

As part of the deal, PGP's products will be marketed through the chip giant's resellers and distributors.
Written by Tom Espiner, Contributor
Intel and PGP have teamed up to sell encryption products on systems with Centrino Pro and vPro processors.

The latest version of Intel's Centrino product set--a Core 2 Duo processor, chipset and wireless chip--was launched on Wednesday.

PGP's encryption products will be marketed through Intel's channel of resellers, systems integrators and distributors.

The security firm will sell its Encryption Platform and Whole Disk Encryption products to operate on Intel Centrino- and vPro-based systems running Windows Vista and XP. Intel will integrate PGP's products into its Active Management Technology framework, which enables IT professionals to remotely troubleshoot desktops and notebooks.

"Intel understands the importance of comprehensive data security," said Mooly Eden, vice president and general manager of Intel's mobile platforms group. "Our agreement with PGP Corporation will offer customers the additional security of file, folder, and full-disk encryption on Intel Centrino Pro and Intel vPro processor technology-based systems."

Tom Espiner reported for ZDNet UK in London.

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