Intel revs vPro rollout, pushes platform play

The chip giant touted vPro's embedded security features and designs to connect intelligent systems everywhere.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Intel on Tuesday rolled out its third generation Intel Core vPro platform with the aim of making everything from kiosks to vending machines and other business devices easier to manage.

The chip giant on a Webcast touted vPro's embedded security features---via its McAfee unit---ultrabook designs from the lives of Lenovo and designs to connect intelligent systems everywhere.

With the move, Intel touted vPro's performance gains, but generally focused on retail, industrial and healthcare industries. If Intel has its way, its vPro chips will be processing and delivering scads of data to businesses.

Although new business ultrabooks may get the attention, Intel is really focusing on the platform play for vPro. Intel is embedding security on the silicon level and allowing IT managers to configure systems quickly.

Intel executives, mostly Rick Echevarria, general manager of the company's business client platform unit, said that the vPro processors are designed to meld the consumerization movement with IT control. "IT still has to secure the devices," he said.

Among the vPro specifics:

  • Intel embedded public key infrastructure for another layer of authentication.
  • There's new software to protect media and data.
  • Active Management Technology allows IT managers to fix computing issues remotely. The ROI is cutting back on service calls at retailers and factories.
  • Better performance to run real time analytics. For instance, Intel has an Audience Impression Metrics Suite designed for digital signs and retailers. The idea is that Intel can monitor customer reactions up close.

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