Intel to unify its research in Europe

The company has outlined a plan to bring its European research together but has not given details on investment in the changes
Written by Colin Barker, Contributor

Intel on Thursday launched an initiative to consolidate its research operations around Europe under one label, Intel Labs Europe.

The plan is bring together the 800 research and development staff working for the company around Europe into one umbrella organisation.

"We have many facilities across Europe," a spokesperson for Intel told ZDNet UK. "The biggest Intel fab plant outside the US is in Ireland, and [there is] a research facility in Leeds. This initiative will bring all this together under one name."

Other Intel research facilities in Europe include its Braunschweig lab in Germany and its Barcelona lab, both of which do work on chip-level technologies. The plan will also cover Intel's Gdansk facility in Poland, which investigates network technology, and its facility in Cologne, Germany, where scientists look into high-performance computing.

Intel said in a statement that the strategy aims to "drive even closer collaboration with European researchers and policy makers on European Union initiatives, including exploratory research, methods of using information and communications technology".

In the long term, the company said it wanted "to improve the efficiency of industries and increase the quality and productivity of ICT overall".

No new direct investment by Intel is expected "at this stage", the Intel spokesperson said. However, there will be investment as new facilities are built and others are expanded.

"Some facilities will be built in existing premises, and some will be new, but I cannot tell you which now," the spokesperson said. "There will be more announcements in the coming weeks."

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