Intel unveils new class of PC - 'Ultrabooks'

Intel has used Computex as the opportunity to introduce to the world a whole new class of PC - the 'Ultrabook™.'

Intel has used Computex as the opportunity to introduce to the world a whole new class of PC - the 'Ultrabook.'

Note: Yes, note the ™ above!

So what are 'Ultrabooks?' They're mobile systems defined by two words - thin and light. The idea is to take the performance and capabilities of a modern notebook and package this into a 'thin, light and elegant design' and slap 'Ultrabook' stickers on them.

These 'Ultrabook' systems will be powered by 22nm Ivy Bridge 2nd generation Intel Core processors which allow the system to be packaged into a shell less than 20mm (0.8 inch) thick, and sell for under $1,000.

According to Intel, systems based on these chips will be available for the holiday shopping season. The first system announced is the ASUS UX21 Ultrabook™. No system specifics were discussed.

Intel Executive VP Sean Maloney has high hopes for this new class of PC:

'Ultrabooks," will make up 40-percent of the market by the end of 2012.'

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Also on the way is a die shrink of the Atom processor lineup. the 32nm Cedar Trail architecture that will bring with is 10+ hours of battery life will be be followed up by 22nm and 14nm architectures. Also in the pipeline are bespoke Atom processors for smartphones and tablet systems.

Notebooks made sense. To some extent so did netbooks. What about 'Ultrabooks?' Are they just thin notebooks (along the lines of what Apple is already producing) or are they a true new class of PC?

Press release here.


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