Intel's McAfee acquisition clears FTC hurdle

The US regulator has approved the proposed deal, while the European Commission is due to give a decision about the $7.68bn acquisition in January
Written by Tom Espiner, Contributor

Intel's proposed $7.68bn acquisition of McAfee has been given US regulatory approval.

Intel said in an investor note on Tuesday that the proposed deal had been given the go-ahead by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The European Commission has yet to give regulatory approval for the deal. The Commission is due to give its view on 12 January.

Commission competition spokeswoman Amelia Torres rebutted a Wall Street Journal report from Friday, which said that the Commission had concerns over the proposed deal. The article, which relied on unnamed sources, said that Commission concerns could delay the acquisition.

"Don't listen to rumours," Torres told ZDNet UK on Thursday. "I have no idea where these rumours came from. The Commission was notified about the deal, and has a 12 January deadline to make a decision. The Commission has not yet taken a decision."

Torres said that FTC approval would have no bearing on the Commission's decision about the proposed acquisition.

"The Commission is responsible for examining mergers and acquisitions, concerning the impact on the European Union," said Torres.

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