Internap launches OpenStack-based cloud service

Internap is doing its best to be a leading service provider in the rapidly growing OpenStack ecosystem. It is not alone, however, over 130 other companies are involved today.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Internap logoOpenStack.org logoJosh Crowe, Internap's Sr. Vice President, Product Engineering, introduced me to his company's newest offering - an OpenStack-based cloud service. What caught my interest was the claim that offering was "the first OpenStack-based cloud platform to come to market."

Here's what Internap has to say about its Enterprise Public Cloud offering

  • Open Public Cloud: A highly-scalable, cost-effective public cloud with an easy-to-use management interface and APIs that can meet dynamic capacity needs on demand. Based on the OpenStack platform, this service leverages the low-cost, open source Xen Cloud Platform and is integrated with Internap's OpenStack-based cloud storage offering for maximum flexibility.
  • Custom Public Cloud: A "pay-as-you-go," multi-tenant public cloud that speeds adoption and delivery by leveraging the VMware platform, thereby eliminating the need to re-architect applications that have already been virtualized internally. Customers can architect tailored cloud configurations and create customized network configurations on demand through VMware's vCloud Director portal.

Snapshot analysis

Since I know that RackSpace has offered OpenStack-based products for a while, I wanted to hear how Internap came to the conclusion that their product was first on the scene. Josh quickly pointed out that RackSpace's offerings are all based upon beta-test software. Internap, he claimed, was offering full support of its OpenStack-based service.

All I can say is that is walking a very fine line.  I would believe that RackSpace prides itself on its support.

The important point, however, is that OpenStack has over 130 companies in its ecosystem and that number is growing. This open source project is likely to be influencial in the evolving cloud computing market. Internap is doing its best to be one of the leaders in that ecosystem.

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