InterScan VirusWall supported by StoneBeat

Trend Micro's InterScan VirusWall is first antivirus solution to be supported by StoneBeat SecurityCluster from Stonesoft.
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SINGAPORE - Trend Micro Inc. (Nasdaq: TMIC), a provider of enterprise antivirus and content security software for the Internet age has announced that its OPSEC certified InterScan VirusWall is now supported by the new StoneBeat SecurityCluster from Stonesoft.

Stonesoft is an international Finnish software company focusing on network security and information management products that enable server capacity and management to be optimised round the clock. Solutions offered by Stonesoft include the StoneBeat FullCluster for Check Point's FireWall-1.

Trend Micro's InterScan VirusWall is a high-performance, three-in-one product that provides comprehensive, real-time virus protection at the Internet gateway for SMTP email, HTTP and FTP traffic. It detects viruses and blocks malicious Java and ActiveX code and gives administrators maximum control over virus protection across the enterprise through server-based management tools.

"Content Scanning is one of the cornerstones for any network security solution. As Internet traffic increases, businesses are faced with the issue that this technology demands a high level of computing power. Implementing Trend Micro's InterScan VirusWall together with StoneBeat SecurityCluster enables organizations to scale up their antivirus capacity very easily by just adding new nodes to a cluster," said Jari Raappana, Stonesoft's Marketing Director.

"In combining these two technologies we have created a high-availability, scalable and manageable solution for companies requiring 24x7 antivirus and content security solutions for the Internet," said Rolf Rennemo, European product manager at Trend Micro.

StoneBeat technology interconnects multiple systems to form a scalable cluster. The machines act as a single StoneBeat cluster server providing performance, scalability and flexibility for Internet services and e-commerce mission-critical 24x7 operations.

The cluster has a single server identity and adding nodes does not require reconfiguration of routers like solutions based on virtual IP addresses. Scaling up the size of the StoneBeat cluster takes place online without interruption to the network operations.

For maximized server performance, StoneBeat SecurityCluster supports dynamic load balancing between the nodes running the antivirus software. The StoneBeat system will automatically balance the load in such a way that no single server node is overloaded.

About Trend Micro

Trend Micro provides centrally controlled server-based virus protection and content-filtering products and services. By protecting information that flows through Internet gateways, email servers, and file servers, Trend Micro allows companies worldwide to stop viruses and other malicious code from a central point before they ever reach the desktop.

About Stonesoft

Stonesoft is an international Finnish software company focusing on Network Security and Information Management products and solutions. The company's technology and expertise are enabling companies to obtain results from Corporate Networks, Internet Commerce, and Information Management. Founded in 1990, Stonesoft Corporation's annual sales growth has been over 100 % during the last 4 years.

The company's business model focuses on developing software products designed to cover selected product gaps left by market software solutions. As a market in high availability security solutions, Stonesoft offers the industry's most comprehensive software solutions for deploying reliable and secure data connections.

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