iOS 6.1.1: Now it's OK to update your iPhone 4S, says Vodafone

Vodafone customers in the UK are now being given the all-clear to go ahead and update their devices to iOS 6.1.1, designed to fix the mobile data issues introduced by the previous version.
Written by Ben Woods, Contributor

Vodafone is now advising its customers to go ahead and update their iPhone 4S handsets to a new version of iOS that Apple has issued in response to problems caused by its last update.

Version 6.1 of the iOS platform was released just two weeks ago, but iPhone 4S users on the Vodafone UK network were warned about "an issue" with the upgrade that meant that some handsets might not be able to make or receive calls, texts or use the internet.

As a result, the network warned customers not to update their handsets to iOS 6.1. However, Apple has now rolled out a fix for the issues and, as such, Vodafone is advising customers that they can go ahead and update their handsets.

"Apple has released a new version of its iPhone software that fixes the 3G performance issues that have been affecting users of the iPhone 4S who had installed iOS 6.1," Vodafone said on Tuesday. "Please download the latest version — iOS 6.1.1 — from Apple as soon as you can as this will deal with these issues."

Other problems in iOS 6.1 led to some businesses advising their employees not to update their phones either as it was causing excessive logging issues when connected to an Exchange server. The software update was issued two weeks ago to rectify a Wi-Fi problem in iOS version 6, although some users are still reporting that the Wi-Fi problem persisted in version 6.1.

An O2 spokesman told ZDNet on Monday that its customers had not reported any problems with the iOS 6.1 software.

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