iOS 7 beta 5 drops with revamped Settings, Control Center and Messages

Apple's out with a new beta just eight days after beta 4. The good news is that Skype and Google Plus open on this release.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

Apple stepped up its iOS 7 release schedule this week releasing beta 5 to developers a short eight days after beta 4. Labeled build 11A4449a, the newest version of Apple's mobile operating system comes with an overhauled Settings app with colored icon as seen in this screenshot posted at MacRumors:

iOS 7 beta drops with revamped Settings, Control Center and Messages - Jason O'Grady

Other features include a new (and much needed) Control Center setting that allows the feature to be turned off while in apps. This prevents Control Center from being accidentally invoked when dragging up from the bottom in an app. Many people had problems with Control Center conflicting with controls and buttons located along the lower edge of an app's UI.

iOS 7 beta 5's new Control Center - Jason O'Grady

The problem is that beta 5's Control Center implementation uses an all-or-nothing approach. The new "Access Within Apps" slider turns off Control Center for all apps, which is not ideal. It would be better if the Control Center setting allowed you to blacklist apps that conflicted with the feature. Or alternatively, you could whitelist apps that you did want Control Center to work with.

Other features include an updated power off slider, new phone icons, banner notification pull-down behavior, new On/Off toggles in the Accessibility settings and a new Twitter icon. Changes are being tracked on MacRumors and its forums

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