iPad 3 cleared for sale in China, despite trademark dispute

Apple's Wi-Fi iPad 3 model has passed certification in China, and is clear for sale, despite the ongoing trademark dispute between Apple and Proview.
Written by Hana Stewart-Smith, Contributor

The China Quality Certification Center has approved the Wi-Fi iPad 3 for sale in China, and it could go on sale as soon as next month.

The device was granted its compulsory certification, which must be given to any product going on sale in China.


There is no determined release date for the new iPad yet, although there have been reports of large numbers of the tablet being smuggled into the country from the U.S. and Hong Kong.

Despite the iPad clearing certification, Apple is still involved in a trademark dispute with Proview in China.

Proview, who originally registered the 'IPAD' trademark in China, won a case against Apple in 2010. The Shenzen court sided with the Chinese company over the ownership of the trademark, but Apple have since appealed the decision.

The final verdict for the Shenzen case is still pending, but if the court decides in Apple's favour then several other legal actions against them could be turned around.

At present, sales of iPad tablets have been affected by the case, with Proview requesting local authorities seize tablets from shelves, and calling for the suspension of sales. If the dispute remains unresolved, or the court sides with Proview once again, it could undermine the launch of the new iPad.

Further approvals will need to be made for the 4G capable model of the new iPad to go on sale.

Apple's chief executive Tim Cook has been spotted in China, and has been speaking to government officials, according to an Apple spokesperson.

Although the details are still not clear as to exactly who Cook has been meeting with, and what those meetings pertain to, many have suggested that Apple is looking to open more dedicated stores in China.

"China is very important to us," said the spokeswoman, "and we look forward to even greater investment and growth there."

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