iPad 3 rumors abound

What will the next iPad will bring to the table?
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

As the expected unveiling date for the iPad 3 draws nearer, the rumor mill is in full force, pushing out a none-stop stream of ideas and guesses as to what the next iPad bring to the table.

  • A5X processor is quad core Most rumors now seem to suggest that the A5X processor that we saw in a possibly fake mainboard photo the other day is a quad core part.
  • Oh no it's not! However, there are those who think that the A5X is a speed bumped dual-core part. Personally, I'm not convinced that the A5X is genuine at this stage and take all rumors relating to it as speculative.
  • Retina display Still more rumors predicting that the iPad 3 will have a retina display, upscaled to 2048×1536. I still can't see a point for a 'retina display' screen.
  • Siri voice control Saying you have a 'rumor' that the iPad 3 will have Siri voice control is like saying a 'source' told you the iPad 3 will come in black and white.
  • Fatter case Case rumors based on speculative photos, this time that the iPad 3 will be fatter than the iPad 2. that would be quite a departure from the 'lighter, thinner' trend at Apple.
  • 1080p camera Another rumor based on photos claiming to show the new case which show a bigger hole for the camera. Bigger hole, higher resolution, right? Another 'rumor' predicts image stabilization. Personally, I think the iPad 3 will have a higher resolution camera than the iPad 2 given that the camera on the iPhone 4S is so superior to that on the iPad 2.
  • LTE capability Lots of rumors that the iPad 3 will feature LTE. I think that this hinges on whether Apple has found a chipset that's low power enough for the job.
  • Bigger battery Makes sense, but I still think the battery lifetime will be around the 10 hour mark.

Feel free to rate these rumors in order of likelihood.


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