iPad 4 benchmark leaks into the wild, shows 1.4GHz processor

Apple promised that the iPad 4's new A6X processor would be twice as fast as that of the iPad 3, and if a new leaked benchmark is real, it seems that the new tablet lives up to these expectations.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Apple's new iPad 4 won't start appearing in people's hands for a few days, but it seems that someone who has one already has benchmarked it using the Geekbench Browser benchmark tool.

The benchmark shows that the iPad 4 has a dual-core processor running at 1.4GHz, up from the 1.0GHz of the iPad 3. The new iPad also has 1GB of RAM, the same as the iPad 3 and iPhone 4, but twice as much as the iPad 2.


The iPad 4 achieved a Geekbench score of 1757, putting it ahead of the iPhone 5 with a score of 1571, and well ahead of the iPad 3 and iPad 2, which scored 791 and 780 respectively.


The iPad 4 is powered by the new A6X SoC (System-on-a-Chip) processor that features a dual-core CPU combined with quad-core graphics. According to Apple, it is up to twice as fast as the previous-generation A5X chip.

The performance boost indicated here should pave the way for next-gerneration apps -- from games to medical to business -- to leverage this extra horsepower.

Is this real? It seems so. Not only do the scores fall in line with what Apple told us about the A6X when the iPad 4 was unveiled, but John Poole, the founder of Primate Labs, the company that develops Geekbench, says that "there's nothing in the result that indicates it's a fake".  

The iPad mini and the new iPad 4

Image source: Primate Labs.

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