iPad app for DJs: mixr

Some new app announcements suggest that the iPad be the ultimate digital DJ device.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor


I think that most would agree that it's the apps that are going to make or break the iPad. Judging how much they've contributed to the success of the iPhone and iPod touch it's obvious that Apple is hoping that lightening strikes twice with the iPad.

The iPad might be a compelling tool for DJs. It's smaller and much more portable than turntables or a notebook computer and has the benefits of a large touchscreen surface. A new app called Mixr, mentioned on MacRumors, absolutely has me salivating. It features a two virtual turntables that allow full record control as well as cross-fading, equalizing, cue, and effects like delay and auto filter. Other features include:

  • Change the speed of the record by touch
  • Cue tracks, match beats with perfect precision and control
  • Live EQ & FXs
  • Custom Intuitive Library. Realistic 3D Crate
  • Record your Mixes

Createdigitalmusic posted a piece about SunVox, a free modular music creation application that runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux, (plus mobile platforms Palm, Windows Mobile, and iPhone) that appears to be coming to the iPad.

What apps are you looking forward to on the iPad?

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