iPad apps for enterprise users

With the iPad going on sale in nine other countries today, ZDNet Asia scoured the Web and spoke to iPad users to find out what their must-have enterprise apps are.
Written by Kevin Kwang, Contributor

The iPad frenzy kicks off in nine other countries this Friday as Apple makes available its slate device to consumers in Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand, among others.

In conjunction with the launch, ZDNet Asia went online to find out what iPad owners are saying about their enterprise apps, as well as spoke to our resident blogger, Mr. Tech (aka Lee Lup Yuen) who is passionate about all things gadget, on his favorite picks. Here's what we discovered:

Top 5 productivity apps

Here are the top paid apps on Singapore's Apple App Store.
1. GoodReader for iPad (US$0.99)
Allows full-screen reading of PDF and .TXT files from e-mail attachments, over the Internet or documents stored in cloud services such as MobileMe, Dropbox and Google Docs.
2. Keynote (US$9.99)
Keynote is described as "the most powerful presentation app ever designed for a mobile device", and is one of Apple's home-brewed content creation software.
3. Pages (US$9.99)
The Microsoft Word-equivalent app developed by Apple for the iPad.
4. Pocket Informant HD--Calendar & Tasks (US$6.99)
Lets the user plan his daily activities with ease as this app not only allows him to input time, date and itinerary, but also supports event location mapping.
5. Numbers (US$9.99)
This spreadsheet creator rounds up Apple's three self-developed apps from its iWorks productivity suite.

•  WebEx for iPad (Free)
The WebEx iPad app allows mobile workers to participate in online meetings via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and share information in real-time when they are out and about. They can also conduct online chat discussions during the webinars, according to the description on the Apple App Store.

A Twitter user who recommended the app, @williamoei, told ZDNet Asia: "WebEx is great for connecting to meetings anytime anywhere. The iPad's large screen enables you to see what's being shared."

There's no need for users to have a WebEx account if they are only attending the meetings, but an account is needed to initiate one.

•  LogMeIn Ignition (US$29.99)
According to ZDNet Asia blogger Lee Lup Yuen, the LogMeIn Ignition app allows him to access both PC and Mac devices remotely. Additionally, users can make use of software such as Microsoft Office already on these devices, he added.

"It's useful for browsing Flash-based Web sites, too," he said in his e-mail.

The app was described as "winner of 2010 Macworld UK Award--Best iPad App" on the App Store.

•  MobileIron Sentry (Free)
ZDNet Asia's sister site TechRepublic earlier posted an article recommending the MobileIron Sentry software to IT executives.

With the app, administrators can track iPhones and iPads, view device inventory, block offending or compromised devices and remotely wipe stolen, lost or compromised units. The app also enables remotely suspending e-mail access for active staff, just terminated employees and others.

Besides the iPad, the software is also compatible with other operating platforms such as the BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian. Android support is said to be "forthcoming", the article stated.

•  Office2 HD (US$7.99)
The Office2 HD app came highly recommended by Lee, too. He said the software allows him to edit text documents and spreadsheets hosted in Google Docs.

Users can also view, edit and create Microsoft Word- and Excel-compatible documents and spreadsheets, stated the developer's Web site.

As the software integrates with both Google Docs and Apple's MobileMe iDisk--Apple's cloud service that helps sync e-mails, contact details and calendars--users' data is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, the Web site added.

•  Dropbox (Free)
Another cloud-based service that Lee recommended was Dropbox, which lets users share files wirelessly between their PCs and iPad.

"Just drag-and-drop your files from your PC into the Dropbox cloud service and the files will automatically appear on your iPad," he said.

According to the information posted on the app developer's Web site, users will need to register for a free account with Dropbox, and documents stored on its servers will be available on PCs, Macs and Linux devices.

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