iPad Experience: MLB.com At Bat 2010 enhances your TV experience

It's baseball season and the Apple iPad launched just in time for you to follow all the action on this full featured stat machine. You can listen to the audio of the games and keep track of pitches with ease.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I've spent way too much money these past few days on iPad applications and need to stop reading Tweets and listening to my buddies' podcasts because they keep recommending great applications. I am a pretty enthusiast home town sports fan so one of the first application I purchased was MLB.com At Bat 2010 for $14.99 (iTunes link). The first pitch of the 2010 season was thrown out yesterday and last night I enjoyed following a close game between the Mariners and the A's that I captured below in a video demonstration. If you are a baseball fan, then you should enjoy the application that both enhances your home viewing experience and works well as a stand alone service.

MLB.com At Bat 2010 only plays in landscape mode and when you launch it you will be taken to your favorite team by default (after you have selected one). If a game is live then you will jump right into it with live pitch tracker in the center with two slide up/down columns on each side for detailed team stats. There is a center column that gives you the latest status and tapping that pops it out to give you more information. If there is no game, then a post-game box score will appear. You can tap in the top left to go to different game dates too.

One of the coolest functions is the live audio feed that streams from your or the opponent's local radio station so you can listen to the game and follow along on your iPad. I understand the audio stream is supposed to play when you switch out of the app, but I could not get this functionality to work. Video highlights are also available and can be watched in a small window or in full screen mode.

You will also see live scores of other games around the league (you set the update refresh interval) and can jump into their details by tapping on the game in the scoreboard at the top. League standings are available by tapping the icon in the upper right corner. There is some integration with MLB.com too, but nothing here is required to use the application. If you have a MLB.TV subscription then you can actually view full regular season games on your iPad (blackouts/restrictions apply), but I am not that much of a baseball fan to buy this subscription.

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