iPad for business, CIOs on Windows 7, Facebook fears and Project Canvas

Stories of the month - August 2010
Written by Tim Ferguson, Contributor

Stories of the month - August 2010

If you took a break August and you're wondering what happened while you were away, then here's your chance to check out the top 10 stories on silicon.com over the last month.

silicon.com's Naked CIO made a splash with an article debating whether Apple's iPad is good for business, in which he argued that the device is an immature technology which will only give IT departments a headache, although he did note that the device could force a rethink about how people interact with technology in the office.

Another up and coming technology to receive attention in August was cloud computing. Quocirca's Clive Longbottom outlined six things CIOs should think about before moving to the cloud, including making it clear that your business retains ownership of its data when entering into agreements with cloud providers.

Sticking close to cloud computing, business software giant SAP's software-as-a-service ERP technology was launched recently and silicon.com took a look at the technology with its Business ByDesign cheat sheet.

Of course, CIOs still need to look at more traditional ways of delivering technology and silicon.com's exclusive CIO Jury revealed that IT chiefs are now preparing to deploy Windows 7, consigning Windows XP to history.

Open source software company Red Hat has been around since the early 1990s and silicon.com last month decided it was time to find out more about the Linux provider and reveals all in its Red Hat company profile.

The relative merits of Apple's iPhone and RIM's BlackBerry device for business have long been debated and August saw analyst house Forrester claim that iPhones are now secure enough for most IT departments to look at using them.

Elsewhere this month, silicon.com editor Steve Ranger created a reader comment frenzy when he argued internet users should be forced to have mandatory antivirus software for the good of the web.

And with social networking becoming an increasingly hot topic for businesses, Steve also took stock of the affect social networks are having on us.

Meanwhile, Julian Goldsmith outlined what you need to do to make yourself stand out for headhunters as they search for the right individuals for top jobs.

And finally, silicon.com spoke to the CTO of Project Canvas - the joint venture between broadcasters and ISPs to bring IPTV to UK homes - about what has been achieved so far and what still lies ahead.

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