iPad mini and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 together on video

A friend loaned me his Galaxy Note 8.0 and this video shows it side-by-side with the iPad mini.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

The Galaxy Note 8.0 is the latest tablet from Samsung that has the S Pen for handwritten input and artwork. It competes directly with the iPad mini and the video below shows the two side-by-side. 

The speed of each is shown, and neither has an advantage in that department. The higher resolution of the Note 8.0 (1280x800) is better than that of the iPad mini (1024x768). Both are shown playing YouTube video with ease and in HD.

Audio quality of both is compared with a slight nod going to the iPad mini in this listener's ears. Both have stereo speakers located on the bottom edge of the screen in portrait orientation. 

Special thanks to Jim Bratton of Houston for loaning me his new Galaxy Note 8.0 for use in this video. Jim is a master of voiceovers, whose voice you may have heard somewhere — you can find him on his web site.

If you are planning on getting an 8-inch tablet, this video may help you decide on either the Galaxy Note 8.0 or the iPad mini. It's not intended to push you one way or the other; you should go with the platform that fits your needs. Both of these tablets are good at what they do and will make a good addition to the mobile tool kit.

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