iPad Pro sales expected to start November 11

Apple said to expect the iPad Pro in November and it looks like we have a date for sales to begin. The large tablet looks appealing for productivity but a lack of trackpad or mouse support might limit some.
Written by Kevin Tofel, Contributor

Been saving up for an iPad Pro? You may not have much longer to put money aside: According to 9to5 Mac's sources, Apple will begin to sell the iPad Pro online and in its retail stores on November 11.

I wouldn't be surprised if pre-orders actually began earlier than that, allowing for early adopters to reserve the large tablet and expect delivery on the 11th.

Apple's iPad Pro starts at $799 for the base unit with 32 GB storage while a 128 GB unit will cost $949. Both of those models rely on Wi-Fi for connectivity, while the latter model will also come with an LTE option for $1079.

Regardless of which iPad Pro you buy, none of them are bundled with the $169 Smart Keyboard or $99 Apple Pencil.

For the past month, I've been considering a one device that would replace both my tablet and laptop; the iPad Pro is on the list of contenders, as is the Dell XPS 12 and Microsoft's Surface Pro 4. Indeed, I pre-ordered a base Surface Pro 4 model and have been using it full time all this week.

While I personally prefer the iOS apps that will appear on the iPad Pro -- which is large enough to effectively run two of them side-by-side -- the Surface Pro 4 may be better at meeting my meager computing needs; particularly for work.

Having a trackpad and mouse option on the Surface Pro 4 is a huge bonus since every article I write requires dozens of screen interactions for various drop-down menus, fields and such. I know the iPad Pro with a keyboard will let me write just as well, but reaching out to tap the screen that many times per article isn't appealing.

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