iPad's success cuts laptop and e-reader sales

Apple's iPad also maintains its dominance of the tablet market...
Written by Shelley Portet, Contributor

Apple's iPad also maintains its dominance of the tablet market...

Sales of Apple's iPad have cut demand for laptops, netbooks and e-readers, according to research firm ChangeWave.

Its survey examined the effect tablet devices are having on the sales of other electronic devices and found that e-reader and laptop sales are most at risk.

Apple iPad beats competitors both in current sales and planned future purchases according to new survey

The success of the Apple iPad has been at the expense of laptop, netbook and e-reader salesPhoto: Apple

The report found that 26 per cent of people who had bought a tablet device had cancelled or postponed purchasing an e-reader, 11 per cent had done the same with a laptop and 10 per cent had put off buying a netbook.

Amazon's Kindle e-reader suffered the biggest loss of sales with 17 per cent of consumers saying their tablet purchase had put them off buying a Kindle.

Tablet sales have rocketed since the release of Apple's iPad last year and ChangeWave reported that more than one in four consumers surveyed planned to buy a tablet device in the future.

Despite the best efforts of Apple's competitors to gain ground in the tablet market, the iPad also continues to dictate planned future tablet purchases.

Of the consumers planning to buy a tablet, 82 per cent told ChangeWave they would be buying an iPad.

The iPad's main competitors lagged far behind with RIM's Playbook, Samsung's Galaxy Tab and other tablet devices only managing to secure three per cent of planned consumer purchases each. Motorola's Xoom is currently the strongest competitor for the iPad with four per cent of respondents saying they planned to purchase one.

These figures suggest there may be a slight reduction in the iPad's market share. A separate survey by ABI Research reported that in the third quarter of 2010, Apple iPads made up 93 per cent of all shipped tablet devices.

However, the ChangeWave survey was completed before Apple launched the iPad 2. Analyst house Informa Telecoms & Media has already predicted the launch of the iPad 2 will double Apple's tablet sales to 30 million in 2011.

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