iPhone 3G boot failure complaints pile up

Updated: The iPhone 3G appears to be having a few software issues that are leaving a few disgruntled customers in its wake.We were tipped off by a reader who outlined the following:This happened while running iPhone version 2.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Updated: The iPhone 3G appears to be having a few software issues that are leaving a few disgruntled customers in its wake.

We were tipped off by a reader who outlined the following:

This happened while running iPhone version 2.0. Visited App Store using iPhone - nothing loaded, the screen just stayed white. Eventually I gave up on it loading at hit the HOME button. After a pause it returned me to the home screen. I attempted the App Store again - same issue. I decided a reboot was in order to clear out the memory.

I rebooted and it could never pass the Apple logo screen after repeated hard-reset attempts.

Eventually I forced a RESTORE through iTunes. At this time I prompted me that the iPhone 2.01 software was available, so I downloaded it. It performed the restore and I prompted to NOT restore from my previous backup - fearing there might be an error in the code that would be re-instated.

After restoring I installed the previous Apps that I had installed and setting all of my preferences up as they used to be, I launched the App Store using the iPhone and the same issue occurred - the white screen. I manually turned OFF the iPhone, then restarted it - back to the impassible Apple logo screen.

Now after my 4th restore in 24 hours, I'm hoping and praying that I don't have to turn the phone off, or I fear that it will brick again.

Our reader also tipped us to the support message board on Apple where the problem is being discussed heavily.

It's not entirely clear how widespread this issue is, but at the time of this posting there were 204 replies and they all report the same issue.

Update: Jason O'Grady has more on the issue and a few more confirmations of the problem.

Update 2:  Judging from Apple's support site it appears that software from the Apps Store is throwing the iPhone off. It also appears that this disgruntled group isn't going to give Apple good word of mouth marketing. Coupled with the MobileMe fiasco and Apple seems to be off of its customer service game.

Here's a representative post from Aug. 6 that speaks for most of them:

I have had to restore 26 times in 26 days. I have returned my iPhone and got a brand new replacement and still it crashes. I have tried two different Macs to do the syncing, still it crashes, I installed the iTunes and iPhone updates, still it crashes, but it scrolls better!

No matter how many, or which apps I install, it will crash and brick within the course of a day! The only day I got through without a total restore was the day I did a restore, set up the iPhone as a new one and installed NO third party apps at all. The iPhone still quit Mail and Safari a few times, but I went an entire 24 hours without needing a total restore! Kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it.

Glad you have gotten some relief, but I am sorry to say not here. There is NO excuse for releasing software were if one app quits it kills all the others from ever starting, even after an iPhone restart or hard reset. There is absolutely no excuse for a crashing app to totally BRICK an iPhone! Imagine if your Mac needing a total restore after an app quit?

The iTunes 7.7.1 update fixed little. Sure the iPhone mounts faster, but iTunes has no idea when or how many apps need updating. When there are updates it does not know it many times. When all the apps are updated it still says you need updates. When I click to see the updates, it many times offers updates foe many or all of the apps in iTunes when only 1 or 2 need updating. What is really ridiculous is it wants to update 6 or 7 copies of the same app!!

Cupertino, we have a problem here.

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