iPhone 4S cases from Case-Mate and Belkin

It's time for a new case for your shinny new iPhone 4S, and both Case-Mate and Belkin have you (and your phone) covered.
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Got an iPhone 4S? Well now you need a case to protect your coveted device from everyday wear and tear that looks as good as your phone. While you should be able to reuse your old iPhone 4 case for the iPhone 4S as they share the same dimensions, it may need to go into retirement, and you'll definitely need a new case if you're upgrading from an iPhone 3GS. Luckily, both Case-Mate and Belkin have some new designs for you to consider, but only the Case-Mate ones are available now, with the Belkin hitting stores in November.


iPhone 4S cases from Case-Mate

iPhone 4S cases from Case-Mate: Vroom, Pop!, Gelli, Barely There, Emerge, Brushed Aluminum, Tough (L-R)

After teasing the technocrati with renderings of iPhone 5 cases last month, it turns out Case-Mate has been prepping new iPhone 4S designs all along. These new cases fit both the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 and come in a range of materials and price points that are available direct from its website.

  • Vroom (top left): Made of premium silicone, this tire-tread design is one of the most affordable cases from Case-Mate at just $15. While the treads can keep your iPhone 4S safe by not slipping off surfaces so easily, it can also be tough to slide out of pockets according to reviews online. Available in black only.
  • Pop! (second from left): This two-toned case uses a co-molding technique that combines a plastic shell with a soft rubber grip. It offers a modern burst of color to your iPhone 4S. Available in black, pink, purple, red, light blue, and white; $30.
  • Gelli in Houndstooth (third from left): There isn't a more timelessly stylish pattern than houndstooth, and this Gelli case makes your new phone look both modern and classic. It comes in pink, clear and grey; $20.
  • Barely There (center): Available in 21 different colors, the Barely There, hard shell polycarbonate case provides your iPhone 4S with tight fitting protection so you see more of your phone rather than your case; $25.
  • Emerge (third, right): This is a semi-flexible case with a matte finish that has an unique, diagonal glossy pattern that emerges along the back. Not only does it look good, it is also practical as the case is impact resistant, thanks to its flexible polymer material. Available in pink and black, $25.
  • Barely There Brushed Aluminum (second, right): Complement your iPhone 4S' brushed aluminum edge with the Barely There Brushed Aluminum case, which features an aircraft grade aluminum back and "gunmetal" hard shell (plastic) that protects your phone. Available in black and silver, $40.
  • Tough (right): The Tough case may not win any awards for its rugged looks but you will be glad you to wrap this dual-layer case around your beloved iPhone 4S. It features silicone skin on top of a hard shell polycarbonate case so not only will this case resist shock, it also protects against impact. A good bang for your $35, available in black and black/pink.


Belkin has also stepped up its game with new iPhone 4S cases that mixes different textures and offer more colors than just black or white. As mentioned, these designs won't be available until early November but with sales of the iPhone 4S expected to break records, you may wish to pre-order your case too. Look for Belkin cases on its site and in retailers in North America and worldwide.

Belkin's iPhone 4S cases.

Some of Belkin's upcoming iPhone 4S cases.

  • Essential: The Essential line of cases provide substantial protection but without adding bulk. Available in twelve different styles and a variety of colors and finishes, these basic cases surprise with a subtle twist that keeps the look minimalist and sleek enough for the office, without sacrificing personality; $25-$30.
  • Emerge: Not to be confused with Case-Mate's Emerge case, Belkin's Emerge line is more fashionable and detail-oriented than the Essential cases. It mixes different materials with unique finishes and textures for cases that will command attention. Available in five different styles; $30.
  • Meta: According to the press release, the Meta line of cases is inspired by art, architecture, and urban landscapes. It uses polycarbonate structure as a base for interesting metal graphics on the back to give these cases a futuristic look. Meta cases are available in three styles; $30.
  • Ease Fit Armband: Wearable devices is the way to go when you're training in the gym or out and outside, and Belkin's Sport Armband for the iPhone 4S makes it possible to keep your phone on you while you're on the move. They come in black with yellow accents; $20.

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