iPhone 5 Web traffic overtakes Samsung's Galaxy S III in three weeks

The Galaxy S III might be Samsung's fastest-selling Android smartphone, but despite being on sale for almost four months, it has seen its Web traffic volume beaten by Apple's iPhone 5 after less than three weeks.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Samsung's Galaxy S III, which has been on sale for almost four months, has seen its Web traffic volume beaten by Apple's iPhone 5 after only 18 days.

Research arm Chitika Insights examined millions of mobile ad impressions from its ad network for the seven days between October 3 and October 9, and found that the Web traffic volume for the newly released iPhone 5 has already overtaken that of the Galaxy S III.


It's important to note that we cannot extrapolate handset numbers from Web traffic volume. It may be that iPhone 5 handsets now outnumber Galaxy S III handsets, or it may be that people browse more on their iPhones, perhaps because the new handset supports high-speed 4G LTE.

However, the new should cause some sleepless nights over at Samsung HQ.

"This latest shift in the mobile ecosystem is not welcome news for Samsung," writes the firm, "which has positioned its device as a direct competitor to the iPhone 5".

It's not surprising that there are high levels of iPhone 5 Web traffic. Apple sold 5 million handsets over the first three days of the launch weekend, and would have likely sold more if it was not for display shortages putting a kink in the all important supply chain.

Image source: Chitika Insights.

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