iPhone 8 has a smaller battery than the iPhone 7 or Samsung's Galaxy S8

The iFixit teardown reveals a smaller battery than earlier models, although Apple claims that the runtime is the same as its predecessor.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

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There's one thing that shrunk in the new iPhone 8: The battery.

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A teardown by repair specialists atiFixit shows that the battery inside the iPhone 8 is a 3.82V, 1,821mAh cell that delivers up to 6.96Wh of power. This is significantly smaller -- 7 percent to be exact -- than the 7.45Wh battery found in the iPhone 7.

​The iPhone 8 features a 3.82 V, 1,821 mAh Li-ion cell

The iPhone 8 features a 3.82V, 1,821mAh Li-ion cell (Image: iFixit)

For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S8 features an 11.55Wh battery.

However, despite this reduction in battery size, Apple claims that the battery life is on par with earlier iPhones, so it's likely that Apple is making up the difference with more efficient silicon.

Also, if you do find the battery getting low, you have the option to fast charge (with the right hardware), along with wireless charging, thanks to the Qi-compatible wireless charging coil.

​The iPhone 8 features a built-in Qi-compatible charging coil

The iPhone 8 features a built-in Qi-compatible charging coil. (Image: iFixit)

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