iPhone application for UK university fresher's

One UK university is embracing the iPhone market as a new breakthrough way to communicate with new freshmen on campus. Article
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor
From tomorrow, the vast majority of new students in the UK will be arriving at their new home for the next three or four years. A UK university has taken advantage of popular technologies to provide support for the new arrivals on campus in form of an iPhone application.

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) in the north of England have developed and rolled out an iPhone application which provides most if not all of the information the new freshers will need for their first week at their new home.

Considering the iPhone is one of the most popular phones and/or mobile devices of our generation, they are utilising the technologies that most people already have, and saving costs in printing and other services as a result.

With this application, features can be added and customised to suit every individual freshman. It includes standard access to university email accounts, availability of campus facilities, entertainment services, local transport links and maps.

With the campus being predominately wireless, it also allows them to save on network operator costs and data charges.

This is a fantastic way of utilising technologies available to many, and for a university to take this step is quite significant. This would ordinarily be the sort of thing the student union may provide, but for an educational establishment to really recognise modern day advancements in mass-user organisation is nothing short of brilliant.

Should all universities and student unions embrace the latest technologies to improve their welcome services for new freshers? Have your say. It's free, you know.

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