iPhone keyboard video posted

I am going to need a vacation after the iPhone launch. Whoops, did I just type that?

iPhone keyboard

I am going to need a vacation after the iPhone launch. Whoops, did I just type that? Anyway, Apple has posted another iPhone video on their Web site, this time it's about the keyboard.

The video comes in small, medium and large streamable versions and a 67MB downloadable verion.

In today's video, we learn that iPhone:

  • Comes with a built-in dictionary pre-installed for auto correction
  • Learns the words that you type most often, including proper names and everything in your address book
  • Adapts its key layout for different applications (could this be a hint that a landscape keyboard is coming?)
  • In less than a weekly you'll likely be typing faster than any other small keyboard
  • There's a cool looking magnifying glass that's used to re-position your cursor to insert or edit a word (as opposed to using the back arrow, or d-pad as on other devices)
  • To decline a suggested word click on it (does this sound weird to anyone else?) to accept, press the space bar
  • The dictionary dynamically enlarges the tap zones for predicted letters and shrinks the tap zones for other letters
  • The keyboard is different in Safari, dropping the space bar for the more usefule period, ".com" and slash bar ("/") buttons
  • In email the keyboard defaults to initial caps and recognizes common contractions like can't, aren't and let's
  • Type away and trust the intelligence of the iPhone keyboard.


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