iPhone predicted to be 'must-have' business device

The iPhone may find its way into businesses quickly as staff push for adoption, but security is a key issue, says an analyst firm
Written by Gemma Simpson, Contributor

Apple's iPhone could quickly find its way into businesses, with staff pushing employers to adopt the device, according to analyst house Butler Group.

As remote working becomes more popular, IT departments will face increasing pressure to integrate different types of mobile devices within their existing infrastructures, the analyst predicts.

The much-hyped iPhone, in particular, will be a consumer device that creeps into the corporate space, it said.

Mark Blowers, senior research analyst at Butler Group, said that, just as the BlackBerry was once the "cool device to have" in the office, the iPhone will be a "a very usable business device" because of its touchscreen interface, ability to store a large amount of data and general user-friendly appeal.

Blowers said the "big danger" for businesses is that the iPhone will be "user pushed" into the enterprise space as employees opt for a single device to manage their work and personal business, rather than juggling multiple gadgets.

But businesses must make sure iPhones — and other PDA or smartphone devices — are managed properly to maintain the security of any corporate data stored on them, Blowers added.

The iPhone hit shelves in the US in July this year, with Europe set to get the gadget by the end of 2007.

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