iPhone X incoming-call display delays? Apple looks into reports of issues

Some iPhone X owners say they've been missing calls due to a delay on their display.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Several threads about the issue on Apple's forums include complaints dating back to last November.

Image: Sarah Tew/CNET

Apple is said to be investigating reports of the iPhone X not displaying the caller ID or Accept and Decline buttons when someone is calling.

The Financial Times reported that Apple has been looking into complaints that have been reported in relatively small numbers over the past three months.

The first news report of the issue came in December from Indian blog PiunikaWeb, which linked to several threads on Apple's forums detailing complaints dating back to November.

The first person to report the issue on Apple's forum claimed to be using an iPhone 6 with iOS 11.0.3 and posted the report in October. However, subsequent reports refer to the same call-display delay issue affecting the iPhone X.

There are also a few reports of the issue on Macrumors' forum, with delays of up to 10 seconds resulting in users missing calls.

"Whenever I receive an incoming call in my iPhone X, ringtone starts but the display comes in after six to eight seconds. When ever I restart my iPhone X, the problem gets automatically solved and after 15 to 20 calls the same problem starts again," one user reported.

A number of glitches have surfaced in the iPhone X, including an unresponsive display in cold conditions and crackling sounds from the speaker at high volumes.

As Macrumors notes, there was also an issue where the rear-facing camera failed to autofocus, and green lines appearing on some displays.

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Attention on the latest apparent issue comes after last week's report that Apple is delaying a number of new features in iOS 12 to focus on performance improvements. The delayed features included a redesigned homescreen, CarPlay updates, and improvements to the Mail app camera app.

Apple last week also offered to replace a small percentage of iPhone 7 models with a failed component on the main logic board, which resulted in devices showing 'No Service' in the status bar even when cellular coverage is available.

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