Ireland: Your global Cloud provider location. (Podcast)

If you think that Ireland is an unlikely location for global Cloud services, you're not alone but this podcast will convince you that Ireland is not only beautiful but is also ready to serve your Cloud needs.
Written by Ken Hess, Contributor

It might sound a bit crazy at first to think of Ireland as a hotspot for all things Cloud but that's exactly what it is. Dublin alone has 23 data centers dotted around the city with even more major cloud data centers being constructed. These include Microsoft investing $1 billion to build an EMEA data center and Google building a new $100 million dollar data center there. That's not small potatoes.

Ireland has more to offer technology companies than a good yarn, a salty limerick and a stiff drink; the country has been steadily developing an ecosystem of major cloud computing brands, from both existing multinationals based in Ireland to new start-ups emerging from Silicon Valley. The Emerald Isle is turning its friendly shores into the world's newest cloud technology home base.

Why Ireland, you ask?

There are many reasons for this; Ireland has the ideal weather, excellent infrastructure, and abundant electricity as well as a large body of skilled technology workers needed to grow cloud computing businesses.

In this podcast, Barry O'Dowd, Senior Vice President of Emerging Technology at IDA Ireland, and I discuss this new Irish wave of excitement over cloud computing.

Length: 19:36 minutes. MP3 format. Rated G for all audiences.

Ireland's Cloud Computing Emergence with IDA Ireland's Barry O'Dowd


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