Is Apple's new iPod nano the perfect geek watch?

Apple announced the new iPod nano today and brings a small multi-touch display to an extremely small square form factor. Will geeks adopt it as a watch with the right accessory?
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

A few years ago Microsoft sold the MSN Direct SPOT watches to geeks who enjoyed carrying around a brick on our wrist, but that ended in 2008 although I still have a couple around that I use from time to time. I also had a Palm Fossil watch to run Palm OS on my wrist. Today, Apple announced some new products and as many of my friends on Twitter agree, the new iPod nano looks to be the perfect geek watch taken to the next level and someone like Griffin needs to come out with a watch band holder ASAP.


GDGT posted the image in their live stream.

The new iPod nano is 46% smaller and 42% lighter than the last generation one I bought in 2009 and is back to the square form factor rather than the longer stick form factor. It has a full multi-touch display (how in the world does Apple do this?) and shows four application icons at once. The new iPod nano has hardware volume buttons, VoiceOver support, a FM radio, Nike+ support, and a pedometer and runs for 24 hours with audio playback. We didn't see anything about video playback and how it might work for some simple games, but we did see a clock application that shows it may be the perfect watch for the geek. It needs GPS integration to be used by the athlete for tracking training though. You can also view photos on the nano.

The new iPod nano will come in blue, pink, orange, green, graphite and red for $149 for 8GB and $179 for 16GB. Why try to save $30 and lose out on double the memory? .

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