Is Google Maps too right-turn happy?

Why does Google Maps make me do a 1 mile detour?
Written by George Ou, Contributor

Google without a doubt is the reigning king of search, but is their much hyped "web 2.0" mapping engine a little too fond of right turns?  I've been noticing a strange bug that sends me off on a wild detour for some time that's starting to make me take a serious look at alternatives.


Take this little example to the left where I'm trying to get on highway 237 from Tasman Dr.  I would normally take a two quick left turns and jump on the freeway right away, but Google Maps sends me on a wild 1 mile detour.  This is just one example of this phenomenon and I've seen it many times before.  It makes me wonder if their map algorithm thinks the initial left turn is a greater evil than making a 1 mile detour which still ends up making a left turn before it gets to the freeway anyways.  I haven't noticed this behavior on most of the other mapping websites before and it seems to be unique to Google Maps.

Of course I have my fair share of complaints about other mapping services too and none of them including Google Maps make great driving directions on the print out.  All I really want is something that looks similar to the computer screen printed out in full page landscape mode but none of the services do what I want it to do.

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