Is Google's latest acquisition thanks to the set-top TV box race?

Google has confirmed it has purchased the assets of Green Throttle, lending speculation that the tech giant is planning to launch its own set-top box.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Google has confirmed the purchase of Green Throttle Games' assets, in a move which could combine Google's rumored set-top box with gaming.

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PandoDaily received confirmation from Google that the company's assets -- including staff -- have been snapped up by the tech giant, which lends speculation to the talent pool being put to use integrating gaming within a set-top television box.

Santa Clara-based Green Throttle Games launched in 2012, and was quickly backed by Trinity Ventures and DCM, securing $6 million in series A funding. The product sold by Green Throttle, a custom Atlas controller with a Bluetooth-connected Android application, allowed users to convert smartphones or tablets into makeshift gaming consoles.

In addition, a developer kit was issued so the platform could be improved and altered by interested parties.

Green Throttle announced in November that the Arena application was being pulled from Google Play, and all support was ending -- leaving a number of customers frustrated that their products were now useless. At the time, the firm said "stick around and we'll keep you posted on the evolution of Green Throttle," but gave no further details. 

While the cost of securing the company's assets has not been disclosed, Green Throttle staff and two of the co-founders will be joining Google. Rumors have circulated that Google is working on a set-top box which will not only stream Internet feeds, but will also connect users to games and other entertainment features. While there is no confirmation that this acquisition is connected, the controller could be used in tandem with Google's rumored box.

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