Is it time for universal time?

When it chimes a twelve on the big ben your watch should also show a twelve whether you are in Maldives or Timbaktoo.

Interesting comment posted to a recent BriefingsDirect podcast with Scott Mace on calendar interoperability issues. This from someone self-identified as L.M. Krishnan:

Let's accept this fact.

The world can no longer be divided into time zones to suit individual requirements of waking up to a cock-a-doodle-doo at 6.00 a.m. in the morning in whichever corner of the universe we are existing.

If we want to work together as a global team we need to have a common time which is more advanced than GMT plus or minus this and that.

Welcome to Universal time.

When it chimes a twelve on the big ben your watch should also show a twelve whether you are in Maldives or timbaktoo.

Similarly after an hour, big ben will chime thirteen times and your watch will show thirteen whether you are on the moon or on the way to Pluto.

Because my dears, time crawls all over the place and is omnipresent, while we want to give it various names to suit our convenience.

Lets now sit down and decide on a new time protocol so that we have absolutely no confusion about TIME.

Welcome to the world of UNIVERSAL MACHINE TIME.  

What do you think, Scott? Has globalization and extra-time zone supply chains mandated the need for a global time standard? It would solve a lot of scheduling complexity (like when I fly from Manchester to San Francisco and miss appointments) issues if all calendars (and computers) were in synch via a common background time standard.

This may also help those pesky date problems with computers, such as Y2K, and time/date adjustments to compensate for the Earth's less than perfect trajectory.

Can anyone else think of reasons why a global time standard and perhaps calendar standard would be productive? Sure seems like it could save a lot of money and time.


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