Is new airport security causing flight delays?

Is new airport security causing flight delays? A recent attempted bombing has officials on high alert, leading to longer lines and more delayed and canceled flights. Here's the proof.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

Please remove your jacket.

Please remove all metal objects, including rings, watches, other jewelry and keys.

Please remove your shoes.

Place bags face down on the conveyor belt.

Place your items in a plastic bin.

Place your laptop in a separate bin.

Please have your boarding pass out.

Is new airport security causing flight delays?

If you've flown recently, you might have noticed that security is even more strict that before. The attempted bombing of Northwest flight 253 on Christmas means the TSA and other security folks are doubling down on their efforts to check everyone thoroughly.

Turns out all that security has real implications for airlines and their passengers, in the form of longer lines, delayed departures and even canceled flights for some of the nation's largest airports.

According to a new infographic by Good magazine and Design Language, a recent flight out of Chicago O'Hare, New York JFK, Dallas Ft. Worth or Miami more likely than not didn't leave at the scheduled time.

From December 25 to January 6, here's how some major airports fared in percentage of departures delayed or canceled:

  • Chicago O'Hare 2008: 36%
  • Chicago O'Hare 2009: 55%
  • Dallas Ft. Worth 2008: 27%
  • Dallas Ft. Worth 2009: 70%
  • Miami 2008: 23%
  • Miami 2009: 52%
  • New York JFK 2008: 32%
  • New York JFK 2009: 51%

Looks like I got lucky on my recent flight out of New York JFK on January 5.

See the entire infographic on Good's site, which includes New York Laguardia, Orlando, Philadelphia, Newark Liberty, Washington Dulles and Boston Logan airports.

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