Israel's Silicon Valley introduces augmented reality research

As wearable technology and the idea of augmented reality catches the eye of tech firms worldwide, Israel stands to benefit.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

A firm which wants to bring augmented reality in to our daily lives, Infinity AR, has announced the opening of a research and development center in Tel Aviv -- colloquially known as Israel's Silicon Valley.

The concept video above reveals what the company wants to develop -- the merging of an augmented reality platform with digital eyewear, smartphones and tablets.

Infinity AR wants to develop headwear which would augment digital information to our surroundings, as well as allow a user to fully immerse in a digital reality. Whether you're deciding what to wear or you are on the road, real sensory inputs would be enhanced in real time with virtual images, video, sound and data. As an example, the headwear would be able to digitally show you specific outfits, or issue weather warnings and directions when driving.

Other companies are already exploring the concept of augmented reality; Google Glass -- currently in the developer stage before public release -- represents the move from smartphones and tablets to wearable technology which many firms plan to capitalize on.

By opening the R&D center in Tel Aviv, Infinity AR hopes it will be able to compete.

Tel Aviv currently hosts more than 1,200 high-tech firms and over 700 early-stage start-ups. According to the company's CEO Enon Landenberg, the strategic placement of the center will not only be a suitable testbed for innovation, but "a springboard from which all of our augmented reality products will originate."

In the beginning, the center will host 15 employees, mainly software engineers and developers, with plans to hire additional staff in the coming months.

Via: Infinity Augmented Reality


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