IT leaders struggling to prove business value

A Hackett Group study found that analytics, business alignment, and talent were the biggest issue for IT execs for 2014.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Information technology executives are aiming to become more valuable to the enterprise (and prove it via metrics), utilize data and analytics better, and revamp the talent pool, according to The Hackett Group, a technology staffing firm. The catch? IT needs to be more innovative and grow businesses amid stagnant budgets and staff cuts.

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Welcome to 2014, which appears to have the same challenges as previous years. The Hackett Group conducted a survey and study on 2014 objectives for IT leaders.

The key themes for IT execs from 150 large global companies were:

  • Budgets in 2014 are expected to increase by 1.7 percent, but staff will be cut by 2 percent.
  • Enterprise revenue growth is expected to be about 6.7 percent.
  • IT costs will need to be cut to self-fund anything innovative.
  • Traditional IT metrics don't cut it anymore. IT projects need to drive the key performance metrics of the overall business.
  • Data management, architecture, and analytics are a top investment priority.
  • IT executives aren't sure they have the teams required to drive the enterprise. IT leaders are rethinking job profiles, workforce planning, compensation, and strategy. There's a disconnect between roles required and the talent in the field.

Here's a look at the key charts.



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